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  Marker Information

Please use the form below to tell us about the marker you are looking for. We will respond by e-mail within 48 hours with a personalized quote based on the information you provide.

Not all questions will be relevant to your selection, but the accuracy of our quote is determined by the extent of the information you provide.

Basic Information (Bronze Single Marker)
Enter the dimensions of the bronze portion of the marker only. Do not include the dimensions of the granite base (if any).

Marker Size 
      Width:  Inches x  Height:  Inches
Do you already know if your cemetery permits this size?
(Just quote the size I've requested)
  This marker is not being placed in a cemetery, or there are no size / design restrictions
        that need to be complied with.
Our bronze marker designs begin with the letter 'B' followed by a number (i.e. B01, B20, etc.).
Design Number: 

Lettering Style


Should we include the cost of an optional built-in vase?
  No Vase
  Yes - Standard (Column) Garden Vase  
   Yes - Patrician (Urn Shaped) Vase  
Should we include the cost of an optional granite base?
  No Granite Base
      Click Here To View The Available Granite Base Colors In A Separate Window
     Moonlight Gray Granite
     Texas Pearl Granite
     Sunset Red Granite
     Sunset Beige Granite
    Sierra White Granite 
     Royal Mahogany Granite
    Royal Mountain Red Granite 
     Not Sure Of Color, or Other Color Not Listed
Do not be concerned with laying out the inscription in the exact manner that you want it to appear on the marker. This information is more for telling us what you want on the marker, rather than the exact placement of each line. 

Inscription (Name, Dates, And Any Additional Wording):  

Color Photo Tile
Premium metal backed and fired porcelain color photo tile of photograph provided by customer. The photo tile will be framed by an integrally cast polished bronze ring. Black and white photographs can also be used, but the photo tile will not be colorized.


Cemetery And Shipping Information

This marker will be placed in a cemetery.

This marker will be placed on private property not in a cemetery (such as a memorial garden at home, etc.)

Cemetery Name                            If Applicable

City and State Of Delivery       Required
Where will the marker be shipped to?
Deliver Directly To Cemetery (Recommended)
Deliver To A Commercial / Business Address Other Than The Cemetery (Such as your place of work). Please note that there will need to be persons present during regular business hours to accept the delivery, and to physically offload the marker. The truck will not have a ramp or lift gate, and the driver will not assist in the unloading. We recommend you select this option if the cemetery does not normally have personnel on site to accept the marker.
Deliver To A Residence via UPS Ground. Available only for bronze markers without granite bases. Due to the added weight of the granite, bronze markers with granite bases cannot be delivered to a residential address.
Not Sure Of Delivery Location
Your Information
Your Name                 Required
Your E-Mail Address   Required
Please double check your e-mail address, as an incorrect address will prevent us from providing you with the information you are requesting. If you have e-mail blocking or spam filtering, please set it to accept a reply from ""
Comments / Special Instructions
If there is anything that you would like to add that was not addressed in the above sections, please use the space below:
How Did You Hear About Us? 

Please Click The 'Submit' Button To Send Your Information


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