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If you have never had the need to order a grave marker before, let us help you make this task as easy as possible. Our "Commitment" page explains in greater detail about our company, and how we can save you hundreds of dollars, while providing you with only the highest quality from the country's premier granite and bronze grave marker manufacturers.

The many options available to you may be overwhelming at first, especially if you have visited other websites that do not provide you with as much information or choices. We believe you have the right to make an informed, intelligent decision, based on all of your options. You do not need to review every section of our website just to order a marker, but we want to make all of our resources available to those who are interested.

The first step in selecting  a marker is to select the size and design for the marker. You will want to contact your cemetery before finalizing all of these details, as many cemeteries have strict regulations regarding the type of marker, size, etc. that they will accept. If the cemetery is smaller or in a more rural area, it is likely that the restrictions will be more relaxed.

Once you have selected the basic design, you can select the text inscription that you desire. Every marker is different, and the amount of text possible is determined by the size of the marker and the selected design. In general, three  lines of inscription are commonly used, including the name, dates, and one additional line of inscription.  Each line is usually about four to six words. If the marker contains a built-in flower vase, you may be limited to just two or three lines of inscription.

Once you have settled on a particular design and the inscription for the marker, you can fill out our online price quote request. We will respond by e-mail within 48 hours with a detailed itemization of the cost of the marker. If the quote meets with your approval, we can forward the ordering documents to you by mail, fax, or e-mail (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format). Once we receive your signed order and payment, we will prepare a design layout, which is a computer generated black and white drawing of the marker design and the inscription information. You will then have the opportunity to make any corrections necessary. We will not begin the production of the marker until you have approved the layout.

The normal production time is about six weeks for the production of the marker. Delivery usually takes 2-7 working days, depending on geographic location.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in your selection of a marker.

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