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  Marker Shipping

Shipping is included for delivery to cemetery addresses within the continental U.S.

Destination Bronze Marker Only (No Granite Base) Bronze Marker With Granite Base
Cemetery Address Shipping Included Shipping Included - See Below For Restrictions
Non-Cemetery Business Address Shipping Included See Below For Restrictions
Residential Address Shipping Included No Residential Delivery
Alaska, Hawaii, Canada Contact Us For A Quote Canada Only -Contact Us For A Quote


We are able to include shipping to cemetery addresses within the continental U.S. without additional charge. This is due to the volume of markers that are shipped from the foundry, which allows our producer to receive heavily discounted full-truckload rates. Otherwise, a single marker shipment could easily cost $400. to $600. for shipping alone, depending on destination.  As part of this discount, the marker is transported on commercial freight long haul tractor-trailer or box trucks, which do not have lift gates or ramps.

Cemeteries routinely handle upright monuments and large markers, and most have the personnel and lifting equipment needed to offload the marker from the truck. Please note that the driver is not permitted to lift or assist in the offloading of the marker, and will rely on the cemetery personnel to provide the personnel or equipment needed to handle the marker. Special delivery with lift gate service or scheduled delivery can usually be arranged, but the additional costs charged by the shipper may be significant.

Please verify with the cemetery that they have sufficient personnel present during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, to properly receive the marker before placing your order.
Bronze Markers With Granite Bases
If the cemetery does not have an office on the premises, or if personnel are not always present throughout the day, we can usually deliver the marker to a non-cemetery address provided that it is a place of business (not a residence), that there are persons at this location during regular business hours to receive the marker, and there are sufficient persons available and capable of lifting and offloading the marker from the truck (marker weights are available on request). The delivery truck will not have a ramp or lift gate, and the driver will not lift or offload the marker.

Shipment to Canada is available for an additional charge. Please contact us for a specific quote.
Bronze Markers Only (Without Granite Bases)
Markers without granite bases are usually within the weight limits for UPS Ground (or equivalent delivery), and can be delivered to any continental U.S. address (cemetery, business, or residential). Shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and non-continental U.S. territories is available for an additional charge. Please contact us for a specific quote.


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