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  Marker Sizes

Common Marker Sizes

20" x 10" - Infant Or Child Grave

Due to the very compact size, only simple designs with an inscription of 2-3 lines are possible. 


24" x 12" Or 24" x 14" - Standard Size For Single Graves

These are the most common sizes for a single marker, and are suitable for most designs. 

28" x 16" - Single or Double Depth Graves
This is an excellent size for single markers that have more involved designs or multiple lines of inscription. It is also suitable for a marker with two names if the grave is double depth (one on top of the other). 
36" x 13", 44" x 14", 56" x 16" - Companion Marker
These sizes are for companion markers that will be centered over two side by side graves.

Many other sizes are available. Please e-mail us if you do not see the size you need listed.

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